A supervisor is an employee who has the official task of overseeing the work of another employee or team. In this job role a supervisor has authority over one or more other subordinates. His or her supervisory functions will normally include:

  • assigning work, giving instructions and/or orders
  • being held responsible for the work and actions of his subordinates

In some work environments a supervisor can have hiring and dismissing authority, whereas in other places the term supervisor is only used for supervisors who do not have this authority; those who do have it are called managers.

Supervisors are also called by many other names such as foreman, foreperson, team leader, project leader, overseer, cell coach, facilitator, area coordinator, or manager. In informal language they may be called boss, although this term can also refer to an employer who is the head of the firm and thus not an employee themself.

Someone who is bossy is someone who tells people what to do too much.

Supervisors and spankingEdit

The scenario where a supervisor punishes a subordinate by means of corporal punishment (consensually or non-consensually) is sometimes featured in BDSM or spanking fiction — see Boss/employee for more on that. A certain classic of this genre is the "Boss and secretary" scenario, as portrayed e.g. in the movie Secretary.

Adults who like spanking roleplay can also find fun in roleplaying punitive and/or erotic supervisor/subordinate scenarios.

U.S. CEOs were spankedEdit

A USA Today study published in October 2006 revealed that the majority of successful U.S. CEOs were spanked as kids by their parents.

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