Black Nylon stockings held up by suspenders.

Suspenders are straps used to hold up an item of clothing. Suspenders are found in different places.

To hold up stockings (a.k.a. garters)Edit

Suspenders are used to hold up stockings, attached e.g. to a garter belt, a corset or a girdle. This is British English usage, in American English these are called garters. Otherwise however, garters are narrow bands fastened about the leg to keep up stockings without a garter belt.

In the days before the invention of elastic, suspenders to hold up stockings were worn by both males and females of all ages. Today they are mostly worn by adult women. Men can attach suspenders to an undershirt or a dress shirt. In German-speaking countries, there was a special garment for children for this purpose, called Leibchen or Leiberl. It was worn between the undershirt and the shirt. This garment is no longer worn, but the word Leibchen/Leiberl remains and is now used for a singlet-style garment in sports, or in Austria and Switzerland a T-shirt.

To hold up trousers etc. (a.k.a. braces)Edit

A Japanese suspenders skirt.

Suspenders are used to hold up trousers, shorts or a skirt, worn over the shoulders. This is American English usage, in British English these are called braces.

These suspenders can be made of fabric, elastic or leather. Shoulder straps are also found in dresses and bras, but these are not called suspenders or braces.

In spanking artEdit

Suspenders to hold up shorts or trousers are found, for example, in the spanking art of Max Raute.

In the spanking video Secret Agent (Firm Hand Spanking, 2019), Amelia Jane Rutherford wears a skirt with suspenders (see photos).

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