Sweet spot

The approximate location of the sweet spot.

The sweet spot is the lower inner part of the human buttocks, at the so-called sulcus where the thigh and the curve of the buttocks meet. Spankophiles call this the sweet spot because getting spanked there feels especially good.

The suspected reason for this is that the inner part of this area is fed by a nerve group called the posterior S4 dermatome. This nerve group is also shared by the genitals, and some people suspect this may be the reason for the "sweet spot effect". Only the inner part of what most spankos call the "sweet spot" is fed by S4 however; the major part of it is fed by the posterior S3 dermatome. According to other anatomical references, the skin area of the sweet spot is supplied by the perforating cutaneous nerve or the inferior cluneal nerves.

Spanking this spot is also popular for disciplinary spankings, but for another reason: this part takes the weight of the spankee when sitting, so they will be reminded of the spanking every time they sit down for some time after the spanking. This also gave the place the name sit spot.

Other meaningsEdit

The term sweet spot is also used in sports to refer to the best impact points on sports items such as baseball bats, tennis rackets or golf clubs.

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