Note: This article is about the method of spanking. See switch (BDSM) for changes in roles.
A young woman being spanked with a switch in the back yard. Artwork by Wolfheart, 2021.

A switching is a spanking adminstered to the buttocks with a switch. A switch is a branch from a hickory, birch or similar tree that is freshly cut and cleaned of bark and leaves. A freshly cut "green" switch is usually preferred to an old switch which has become dry and brittle. For additional moisture (which gives weight and flexibility) the switch can also be brined and then used either wet or air dried.

In consensual spanking, switching is a relatively severe spanking and may use restraints because the spankee cannot stay in position. Erotic images of a switching are a male to another male or a male to his wife, perhaps in a woodshed, tied to a whipping post or tied to a tree. Switching is severe, leaves marks and is often carried out on a man.

Spanking fiction themesEdit

Common themes involving switching in spanking stories involve the spankee being sent out to cut their own switch. This can be enhanced by getting the spankee bare bottomed before sending them out. Rules might include if the switch they return with is too small in the spanker's opinion, the switch will be used but not counted before re-sending them out to get a proper sized one.


Spanking videosEdit

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