Artificial leather

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Artificial leather or synthetic leather is a fabric or finish intended to substitute for leather in fields such as upholstery, clothing and fabrics, and other uses where a leather-like finish is required but the actual material is cost-prohibitive or unsuitable. The term "pleather" (plastic leather) is a commonly used slang term for synthetic leather made of plastic.

Leatherette is another form of artificial leather. It is usually made by covering a natural or synthetic fabric with a soft PVC layer. Leatherette bound books and 20th century cameras are good examples of how it is used. Clothing of various kinds (including lingerie) have also been made from this material.

In BDSM, real leather is often preferred, but synthetic leather has its use for example as a cover material for (padded) BDSM and spanking furniture. It is cheaper, comes in large sizes, a wide range of colours, thicknesses and textures, and is easy to clean and disinfect.

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