A wooden kitchen table with four chairs.

A table is a piece of furniture used for dining and similar purposes, with a flat horizontal surface and a base that may comprise of one or more legs. Often, the shape of the surface is rectangular, square, oval, or round, and a common number of legs is four, one in each corner of the surface (if it has corners). Tables are usually combined with a set of chairs to sit at the table.

A special kind of table is a desk, used for writing and similar purposes.

Tables in spankingEdit

A table can be used for spanking in much the same ways as a desk (see there). In addition, in BDSM, a table's legs can be used for bondage by tying the spankee's hands and/or feet to the table's legs. With a desk this is often not possible.

Other "tables"Edit

Other items of furniture with horizontal surfaces (often to lie on) in table height are also referred to as "tables", for example massage tables or vaulting tables.

Special "tables" designed for BDSM and/or corporal punishment include the whipping table, the spreadeagle table and the bondage table.

When the object is lower than table height, it is often referrect to as a bench, not a table. See for example whipping bench and spanking bench.

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