Tails are also characteristic features in Kemonomimi.

The tail is the section at the rear end of an animal's body; a flexible appendage to the torso. The word tail is also used in other contexts.

In implementsEdit

"Tail" or "tails" may also refer to the flexible strand(s) of a whip or similar implement. Whips can be categorized by how many tails they have, such as single-tail whip and multi-tail whip. Some types of whips have the number of tails in their names, such as the cat o' nine tails.

In humansEdit

Six 'tails'.

"Tail" or "tail end" is also sometimes used as a synonym for the buttocks. It is used colloquially, and is considered less crude than "butt".

The phrase "I got my tail busted" means "I got spanked" or "I got scolded". (Note that "I busted my tail" has the different meaning of "I worked hard".)

As the word tail is also a homophone of "tale", there are various titles of spanking stories, spanking websites, spanking videos etc. with the pun title "So-and-so's Tail". Another example is the story series A Tale of Two Tails.

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