Tanya Foxx

Tanya Foxx (b. 1965) is an American porn star as well as a major figure in the fetish film industry. She has made around 250 films in all. In many of her features Fox is spelled with one x. Other pseudonyms used by her include Katja, Heather Martin, Kim Pare, Kim Parker, Kimberly Parkland, Kim Parkland, and Suzy Spain.

Pornographic filmsEdit

The blonde Chicago-born actress began her film career in 1985 performing in dozens of hardcore pornographic films. One of her specialties was doing anal sex scenes in titles such as: Angels of Mercy (1985), Anal Angels (1986), Backdoor Brides 2 (1986), Backdoor To Hollywood 2 & 3 (1986), Caught from Behind 6 & 10 (1986), Double Penetration 1-3 (1986-89), Amazing Tails 2 (1987), Head Clinic (1987), Loose Caboose (1987), Playing For Passion (1987), Backdoor Bonanza 8 (1988), Backdoor Summer 1 & 2 (1988-89), Innocence Lost (1988), Backdoor To Hollywood (1990), and Tales by Taylor (1990).

Fetish, spanking and S&M filmsEdit

Foxx disciplined by Jacqueline Omerta (oil painting by Jameslovebirch, 2012).

In the early '90s she moved away from the porn industry, changed her appearance, and relaunched her career. Sporting a black page boy hairstyle, Tanya became a successful star of fetish films. She did every type of specialty feature including foot fetish, bondage, catfighting, enema, corporal punishment, and BDSM.

She is best known for playing submissive (spankee) characters who suffer harsh punishments. Much like Kiri Kelly and Gia Regency (who also started out in porn), Tanya has a high pain tolerance plus a masochistic desire to have her shapely derriere severely whipped and spanked. This is most apparent in two videos she made with the Jameson cousins for Nu-West/Leda Productions. She endures a marathon of beatings with several implements in Tanya Fox Meets Joanne Jameson and Tanya Fox Meets Julia Jameson.

Reversing roles, she also played a dominatrix in a trio of Femdom videos for the Leda division of Nu-West. These are David Meets Tanya Fox, David Meets Shadow Lane and David's Aunties.

In Spanking Spanking and More... (for B&D Pleasures) she and Kiri Kelly play switch characters who spank each other. The two stars made several more films together including Our Sorority, Rainy Days, Rainy Days 2, Captured Cop 1-3, Sorority Hell Night and Wild Thing.

She has worked for most of the major S&M and spanking video producers including London Enterprises, Shadow Lane, Bizarre Video, House of Milan, Redboard Video, Harmony Concepts, and Bon-Vue Enterprises.

Selected fetish filmsEdit

  • Cat Fights 3 (Olympic Home Video, 1988)
  • Caught in the Act (B&D Pleasures) - Greta Carlson
  • Caught, Punished and Caged (Bizarre Video, 1991)
  • Collected Spankings 1 (Bon-Vue Enterprises, 1991)
  • Criss Cross (B&D Pleasures, 1994) - Greta Carlson
  • David Meets Shadow Lane (Nu-West/Leda Productions) - Eve Howard, Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • David Meets Tanya Fox (Nu-West/Leda Productions)
  • David's Aunties (Nu-West/Leda Productions)
  • Deception (B&D Pleasures) - Greta Carlson
  • Deutsch Marks (B&D Pleasures, 1992) - Greta Carlson
  • Desert Heat (B&D Pleasures) - Greta Carlson
  • Disciples of Discipline (Star Maker Video, 1994)
  • Dungeon DeSade (Filmco Releasing, 1993) - Sharon Mitchell
  • Fresh Tender Asses (Redboard Video, 1994)
  • Harem Nights (Harmony Concepts) - Greta Carlson
  • Ian Moors: The Punisher (B&D Pleasures, 1994)
  • Kinky Catfighting (Bizarre Video, 1997)
  • Kym Wilde's On The Edge 9 (Redboard Video, 1994)
  • Lili Xene and Tanya Foxx's Espionage Interrogation (RSVP, 1993)
  • Maid For Punishment (Bizarre Video, 1993)
  • Obey Me Bitch 1-4 (Bizarre Video, 1993)
  • Our Sorority (Shadow Lane, 1992) - Kiri Kelly
  • Paddled Payoff (Star Maker Video, 1993)  
  • The Penitent (B&D Pleasures, 1992)
  • Profiles In Discipline 1: Miss Sharon Mitchell (Star Maker Video, 1994)
  • Rainy Days 1&2 (B&D Pleasures, 1990) - Kiri Kelly
  • Slave For The Bride (Bizarre Video, 1990)
  • Sorority Hell Night (London Enterprises, 1990) - Kiri Kelly
  • Spanke Shoppe 4 (Harmony Concepts, 1994)
  • Spanked Shopper and Other Tales (Bare Bottom, 1991)
  • Spanking 8 (Student Fetish, 1993)
  • Spanking Spanking and More... (B&D Pleasures, 1990) - Kiri Kelly
  • Spanking Tails (Bare Bottom, 1993)
  • Spoiled Rotten (Shadow Lane, 1992) - Greta Carlson
  • Taming of Veronica Van Allen (Shadow Lane, 1993)
  • Tanya Fox Meets Ed Lee (Nu-West/Leda)
  • Tanya Fox Meets Joanne Jameson (Nu-West/Leda)
  • Tanya Fox Meets Julia Jameson (Nu-West/Leda), video
  • Tanya Foxx: A Diary of Torment (B&D Pleasures, 1996)
  • Tanya Foxx After Hours (B&D Pleasures)
  • Tanya Foxx Collection (B&D Pleasures)
  • Tanya Foxx's Bondage Fantasies (B&D Pleasures)
  • Tanya Foxx: Starbound (B&D Pleasures)
  • Tanya Foxx: Suspended in Tme (B&D Pleasures)
  • To Taste The Strap (Bare Bottom, 1991)
  • Tracey Adams' Girls School (Bizarre Video, 1994)
  • Ultimate Submissives 3: Best of Tanya Foxx (Bizarre Video, 1995)
  • Wild Thing (B&D Pleasures, 1989) - Kiri Kelly
  • Young Cheeks (Prestige Video, 1990)

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