Tape gag

Two handcuffed women with black tape gags.

Tape gags are a common form of gag used in a variety of BDSM activities. Tape gags are made when a strip (or several strips) of tape (most commonly duct tape) are placed across the subject's mouth.

Most commonly, the strips are placed horizontally across the mouth, completely sealing everything from the nose to the chin, immobilizing the lips. Although strips are most common, occasionally the roll of tape is wrapped entirely around the subject's head. This is more unpopular, however, as it often gets painfully tangled with hair. Sometimes objects are placed inside the mouth to immobilize the tongue and block throat noises. Tape gags are similar to muzzle gags, although sometimes even more secure, as the subject has even less control over their lips (unless the muzzle gag is extremely tight). Tape gags are popular as they are very easy to create, and made from common household materials. Tape gags are often used in protests, as protectors frequently (lightly) gag themselves with tape, and write a word across the tape. Tape gags are more popular amongst lighter bondage practitioners, as they are less intrusive and painful, but still is very effective, without seeming to be a complete bondage addict.

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