Tattletale is a juvenile term given to someone who reports minor misbehavior to the appropriate authorities for the sole purpose of getting them into trouble (the act of tattling). This disparaging label is most often applied to children who go to a teacher or parent to inform on another student or sibling. In mainstream films, tattletales are usually portrayed as cruel children who enjoy seeing a fellow child get punished. Though the child's motivation might just to win the approval of the authority figure even at the expense of their peers.

This is in contrast to telling which is reporting misbehavior that's causing mild to serious problems, such as a safety concern. This practice is encouraged and even rewarded by adults. Conversely, not reporting or concealing a serious issue can get a child in trouble themselves.

This is related to the more adult term known as snitching. However, snitching refers to giving information regarding crimes to the police. In prison, a known "snitch" — someone who provides incriminating information to the authorities — is likely to be bullied, hurt, or even killed by his or her fellow inmates. In many high-crime inner-city areas there is a "stop snitching" street culture that discourages any form of cooperation with the police.

Fetish filmsEdit

  • Apricot Spanks Gigi for Tattling (Spanked Call Girls), Apricot Pitts, photos
  • Bailey Earns A Strapping For Being A Tattletale (Spanking Bailey), Bailey
  • The Christmas Quiet (Lupus Pictures, 2006), a young girl tattles to her father after seeing her sister and the maid covertly consuming an entire platter of Christmas cookies. The father then punishes both girls with a severe caning and an enema.
  • Prefect & the Naughty Schoolgirl (BritSpank.com), prefect enjoys tattling on others but gets punished in the end.

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