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This template displays an externally hosted image from Handprints and can be used according to our External image policy.

This template is still under construction!


{{Handprints|<gallery>|<filename>|<thumb=thumbnailfile>|<galleryname=displayname>|<Caption text>}}

  • gallery: the gallery page on Handprints where the image resides in. This is the part of the URL after thehandprints.com/, e.g. hpDrawings164.html for thehandprints.com/hpDrawings164.html
  • filename: the file name of the image in full size, e.g. almond045.png for thehandprints.com/almond045.png
  • thumb: the filename of the thumbnail, e.g. almond045thmb.jpg for thehandprints.com/almond045thmb.jpg
optional parameters
  • caption: lets you add a custom caption.
  • copyright: lets you add a copyright or license status image, as per the {{copyright}} template. It defaults to "copyrighted".
  • galleryname: lets you set a custom title to the gallery link. Defaults to the same value as gallery.
  • width: the width of the thumbnail image in pixels (will affect the box width, not scale the thumbnail).



Externally hosted image on Handprints: Gallery #164
Joyeux Noel by Pastel

{{Handprints|<hpDrawings164.html>|<almond045.png>|<thumb=almond045thmb.jpg>|<galleryname=Gallery #164>|<width=148>|<Joyeux Noel by Pastel>}}

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