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This template is used to to provide a consistent foundation for navigation box templates. These navigation boxes, inserted in the bottom of an article, permit easy navigation within a group (or series) of related articles. Often all articles in such a series will belong to the same category, but it is not necessary to include all articles from this category in the series. Also, wanted articles can be included.
Type {{NavigationBox}} somewhere.
  • Tname: the name of the template extending this template.
  • Title: This parameter will set the title of the series of pages. It can be turned into a link to the root page for the series.
  • Color: This parameter will set the background color for the title bar.
  • List: The main content of the box. A list of links, separated by dots (•), or a table with several rows.
  • Image: An icon used to illustrate the series.
  • Category: Sets a category that all members of the series belong to.
  • Summary: A brief description of the series.
  • collapse: If set, it will auto-hide the contents of the box.
Sample output
| Tname = NavComics
| Title = [[Spanking in comics]]
| Image = [[Image:Smack1A.gif|Spanking in comics]]
| Color =
| List = [[Spanking in comics 1896-1918]] • [[Spanking in comics 1919-1938]] • [[Spanking in comics 1938-1970]] 
| Category = 
Sample output 2
| Title = [[Pairing|Spanking Pairings]]
| List = <table width="100%"><tr><th rowspan="2" style="width:10ex;">Traditional</th><th style="width:6ex;">[[adult spanking art|Adult]]</th><td>[[M/F]] • [[F/M]] • [[M/M]] • [[F/F]]</td></tr>
<tr><th>[[child spanking art|Child]]</th><td>[[M/f]] • [[F/f]] • [[M/m]] • [[F/m]] • [[girl/boy|f/m]] • [[girl/girl|f/f]] • [[boy/girl|m/f]] • [[boy/boy|m/m]] • [[MF/mf ]]</td></tr>
<tr><th colspan="2">[[Role reversal]]</th><td>[[boy/woman|m/F]] • [[boy/man|m/M]] • [[girl/woman|f/F]] • [[girl/man|f/M]]</td></tr>
<tr><th colspan="2">Unknowns</th><td>[[F/x]] • [[M/x]] • [[X/m]] • [[X/f]] • [[X/F]] • [[X/M]]</td></tr>
<tr><th colspan="2">Solo</th><td>[[/f]] • [[/F]] • [[/m]] • [[/M]] • [[M/]] • [[F/]] • [[Machine/m]] • [[Machine/f]] • [[Machine/F]] • [[Machine/M]]</td></tr>
| Category = Pairings
| Tname = NavPairings
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