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This template displays an externally hosted image from Photobucket and can be used according to our External image policy.



  • server: the server number. This is the number that follows the i or the s in the URL before photobucket.com. e.g. 48 in i48.photobucket.com
  • user: the username from the URL, including anything that is between albums/ and the username. e.g. f240/roguebfl in photobucket.com/albums/f240/roguebfl/
  • filename: the filename of the image (do not include the th_ prefix if getting the filename from the thumbnail URL), e.g. jadecomic-page16.jpg from th_jadecomic-page16.jpg
optional parameters
  • caption: the 4th parameter lets you add a custom caption.
  • copyright : the 5th parameter lets you add a copyright or license status image, as per the {{copyright}} template. It defaults to "copyrighted".
  • width: the width of the thumbnail image in pixels.
  • folder: if there are any subfolders between the username and the filename, these need to be set with this parameter. The trailing slash (/) must be included, e.g. Jade%20Chan/ in /f240/roguebfl/Jade%20Chan/jadecomic-page16.jpg.



Externally hosted image on photobucket
Free spanking coupon

{{photobucket|<163>|<t285/selfwill07>|<free_spanking.gif>|<Free spanking coupon>}}


Externally hosted image on photobucket
One more thing!

{{photobucket|<48>|<f240/roguebfl>|<jadecomic-page16.jpg>|<One more thing!>|<nd>|<folder=Jade%20Chan/>|<width=108>}}

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