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{{YouTube|<youtube code>|<caption>|<width=250>|<height=200>}}

Example use
Craigslist Foundation Non-Profit Bootcamp Podcasts

This template shows a YouTube video with a default size of 250x200 pixels.

  • The first is the youtube code (the alphanumeric code after the equals sign at the end of a YouTube URL).
  • The second parameter is the caption which appears above the video; this can contain standard wikitext.
optional parameters
  • width
  • height

Use this template according to our Video policy.

Example use

{{YouTube|<zLJKedGAEY8>|<'''Example use'''<br />Craigslist Foundation ''Non-Profit'' Bootcamp [[Podcasts]]>|<width=200>|<height=160>}}


The maximum size is 425x350 pixels. For best results, the height should be about 4/5 (80%) of the width. Some examples of good ratios include 125x100, 200x160, and 250x200.

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