Terms for mischievous children

This page lists terms in the English language for a naughty, mischievous, misbehaved, annoying or unruly child, or one of dirty or neglected appearance. These terms are mostly used in humorous, but also in dispraising contexts. Each term has their own connotations; they range from friendly terms of endearment to derogative, and the intended meaning often can only be made out from context and tone of voice. Some of these terms are also used as names or nicknames for dogs or cats.

  • brat
  • tyke (also spelled tike)
  • rascal (little rascal, cheeky rascal)
  • prankster (see prank)
  • rogue
  • scallywag
  • boor
  • bugger (vulg.)
  • lout
  • urchin (street urchin)
  • cheeky monkey (UK)
  • blighter (UK)
  • cub (UK)
  • loon (Scotland)
  • imp
  • litterbug (fam.)
  • mucky pup (UK)
  • mudlark (UK)
  • sloven
  • waif

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