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A tertiary school is a educational institution that is normally optional after completing the compulsory school system. It comes in many forms such as college, university, polytechnic, or technical school. The term tertiary school explicitly does not cover apprenticeships.

Tertiary schools are designed to deal with adult students, though a significant portion of their students are coming straight from secondary schools and some of them might still be minors.

Tertiary schools are not necessarily local to their student's home towns, so many provide student dormitories. Some schools might even make living in such dorms compulsorily for their first year students.

Tertiary school and spankingEdit

As tertiary school is designed for adults, the in loco parentis reasoning for corporal punishment of students that is used in other school settings does not apply. Spanking fiction that focuses on tertiary school typically involves either a student still living at home who in choosing to stay under their parent's roof also choose to stay under their discipline. Or the student, having moved out from home, finds themselves unable to cope with the sudden freedom, and finds someone that will provide the discipline for them, often a roommate, or the person running their dorm.

Spanking videosEdit

The majority of spanking videos involve college-age girls (18-22), often dressed in some sort of school uniform or cheerleader outfit. Stories set in colleges, with teachers, Deans (less so headmasters), and coaches punishing misbehaving students, are extremely common and account for about half the spanking-fetish videos produced since the 1980s. Within this genre is a popular sub-category of fraternity and sorority spanking videos, with an emphasis on college-girl initiation paddling scenes, set in U.S. universities.

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