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Human testicles (inside the scrotum and thus visible only by their shape in this photo).

The testicles (or testes, common slang terms balls, nuts or babymakers) are the principal male organ of reproduction in mammals. They are part of the male genitals. Testicles vary in size, but all produce sperm that is capable of impregnating a female to create a new being. Males normally have two testicles covered by the scrotum, which hangs behind the penis in a standing male, though rarely a male may be born with only one testicle (monorchism).

In certain spanking positions, the testicles and scrotum are presented with the naked buttocks. A skillful spanker knows how to play with the testicles without causing any medical injury. Testes that hang low sway in a pendulous manner and are easier to spank. Some spanking players prefer to shield the testicles with a thong or jock strap like a baseball player protects their testicles from a line drive, though generally unprotected testicles are preferred.

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