The Birchen Bouquet

The Birchen Bouquet Or, Curious and Original Anecdotes of Ladies fond of administering the Birch Discipline is a compilation of spanking stories, first published around 1770. It was reprinted in 1826 by George Cannon (with engravings), in 1860 by William Dugdale, in 1881 by William Lazenby (with 8 colored lithographs, not from the Dugdale edition) and in 1896 by Charles Carrington. It is one of the first works of erotic spanking fiction in history.

The stories are mostly F/F. Some were taken from The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine (Sharon Marcus notes the curious fact that some material from this fashion magazine was reprinted verbatim in a pornographic work). Henry Spencer Ashbee described it as "very ordinary and insipid", expressing surprise at its frequent reprinting.

The book was also published in French under the title Le bouquet de verges.


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