The Cabin Boy

The Cabin Boy is a two-chapter spanking story by Lurking Dragon. It is mostly m/f, with some mention of M/F, M/f and M/m.

The story plays strongly with the ranks of hierarchy within an isolated, self-contained group. A typical spankee character, the Cabin Boy of a sailing ship in what might be the 18th century, becomes a spanker himself, a completely new role for him which he clearly enjoys.

The story uses some "pirate/sailor slang". It has been posted to soc.sexuality.spanking in 2000, where it can be found in the archives.


Spoiler warning

The setting of the story is a ship that has been seized by pirates in British coastal waters. The brutal and cruel pirates had killed all males of the ship's original crew and made all females their sexual slaves ("to warm their beds").

Among the captured females is a little girl of 6 years age. The pirate Captain Jack Pike wants to throw her overboard as they have no use for her, but at the last moment one of the crew intervenes and makes the suggestion to give the girl to the ship's Cabin Boy, Thomas. The boy, aged 10, is a son of the Captain, but treated as "general scut, and bottom-of-the-heap, all-the-worst-jobs whipping boy". The boy considers the pros and cons, and then accepts the little girl as his personal slave.

The Cabin Boy, who has often been on the receiving end of many spankings and canings himself, soon finds out how much he enjoys spanking his charge whenever he wants...