The Tale of the Dean's Wife

The Tale of the Dean's Wife (1970) is an American sexploitation film (i.e., a "nudie-cutie" sex comedy), directed by Benjamin Onivas. It stars Roger Gentry as Dean Calvin Walker, Luanne Roberts (as his wife, Grace Walker), plus Samantha Scott, Lee Summers, and Lynn Lyon.


The somewhat conservative dean of a California university and his promiscuous wife invite a sexually adventurous couple (a college professor and his wife) to their suburban home for a party. This soon leads to a little experimentation with erotic spanking and sex.

Later, a group of eight radical (and sexually liberated) students invade the dean's house to protest and issue a list of demands. After they spike his drink with LSD, a wild, psychedelic orgy (of simulated sex) ensues.

Cultural contextEdit

The simple plot of this 1970 feature is propelled by the nearly spent force of residual '60s radicalism. More importantly, this is an artifact of the last days of the conventional grind-house "nudie" – a genre of underground film that had been popular (and profitable) for nearly a decade.

The adult entertainment industry would soon be dominated by a new breed of restricted (rated "R" for adults) sex comedies, misogynistic horror shockers (loaded with nudity, sex, and sadistic violence), and a variety of pornographic films released to drive-ins and mainstream theaters.

Spanking scenesEdit

The dean has a sexy French maid, Annabella (Lynn Lyon), who wears a traditional black and white uniform. Grace, the dean's wife, is annoyed to notice that she is not wearing underwear. As the maid bends over, Grace gives her a single hard hand smack.

Later, a professor of erotic studies demonstrates his "pleasure through pain" theory on the dean's willing wife. She lays down on the couch and he thrashes her vigorously with his belt. After five lashes across the seat of her dress proves ineffective, he gives her twenty more hard strokes on the bare. Her masochistic response has an aphrodisiac effect on the professor's wife and a lesbian sex scene follows (video clip).


Most of the cast members have appeared in other exploitation films that feature fetishistic scenes of corporal punishment (i.e., spanking or whipping). Roger Gentry was in Invitation to Ruin, The Ramrodder, The Bang Bang Gang, Slaves in Cages, and Hollywood Babylon (which also includes cast-mates Linda Marie and Marland Proctor). Proctor was in The Bang Bang Gang, Slaves in Cages, Superchick, and Poor Cecily.

Luanne Roberts was in Trader Hornee (1970). Samantha Scott appears in The Head Mistress as Philomena. And Lee Summers made the late-period "roughie" A Taste of Hot Lead (1969).

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