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A simple example of 3D rendered art.

3D or three-dimensional stands for objects that have extension in space, i.e. in three dimensions (length, width, height). 3D is opposed to 2D, which refers to shapes that are only two-dimensional, such as images on a sheet of paper or a computer monitor.

In art, 3D can either refer to real 3D, such as in sculpture, relief, carving, etc., or it can refer to the artist's imagination of an object or figure in 3D space while drawing or painting a 2D representation of it that appears three-dimensional through skillful use of techniques such as light and shade, perspective, etc.)

3D can also refer to gimmicks that allow a person to see a virtual three-dimensional object, such as stereoviews, 3D glasses, "magic eye" pictures or holograms.

In computer-generated imagery, 3D usually refers to 2D images that were created using 3D models, such as in rendered art. Today, many computer games and computer-generated animations use 3D graphics.

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