Tickling fetishism

Tickling fetishism is a sexual fetish in which participants derive sexual stimulation from tickling, or being tickled by, another person. Different individuals may find tickling of virtually any region of the body to be pleasurable, and this fetish can also involve excitement just from watching others being tickled.

Most adults are known to enjoy tickling, either participating or watching. It can play a part in courting rituals, especially among younger people, and can therefore be considered part of foreplay for many partners in the term's broadest sense.

However, people who claim to have a tickling fetish are likely to enjoy this acivity to the exclusion of other pre-sex activities. For some, the focus is entirely on the tickling, with full intercourse less important or not included at all. People whose sexuality is based almost solely on tickling can be said to have a tickling fixation.

Tickling fetishism and BDSMEdit

Erotic tickling — especially in the form of tickle torture — may involve the physical restraint of a submissive by a dominant. As usual, the partners may agree upon a safeword to signal that the tickling should stop.

Although technically a BDSM activity, tickling is not fully recognised by the community and is relatively unknown in the mainstream.

A restraint device that can be used to punish someone by tickling their feet while they are helpless, is the stocks.

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