Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones is the pseudonym of a British switch spanking actress (real name unknown), active in the 1990s. A svelte brunette with waist-length hair, she is best remembered for playing a character of the same name in the Strictly English videos The Tiffany Jones Trilogy (1997), consisting of Paperback Writer, Caught in the Act, and Little Red Apples.

In submissive parts, Tiffany Jones is typically soft-spoken and slightly mysterious, indicating by sensuous exclamations and distinctive gyrations of her hips hat she takes pleasure in receiving punishment. Strictly English always cast her as a bottom or a switch, but she also appeared as a top for Red Stripe and sometimes for Spanking for Pleasure, whose films were released in the USA by Calstar.


  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.1 (Strictly English 1995), with Lucy Bailey
  • The Bottomists (Calstar 1997), as prison wardress
  • Caned for a Passion (Spanking for Pleasure), with Lucy Bailey, Hayley Russell & Michael Dawes
    • aka Well Done, Lavinia, aka The Wine Tasting
  • Caught in the Act (Strictly English 1997), as Tiffany Jones
  • Doing Hard Time (Red Stripe 1997), as prison wardress, with Miss Brown
  • Eviction Order (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar 1999), as Gwyneth
  • Fire Damage (Spanking for Pleasure 1997), as Ann Lucas, with Michael Dawes & Zoe
    • US title: Meeting Fire with Fire, aka: Cause for Caning (Calstar)
  • Hotel Service (Calstar 1998)
    • aka The Day They Saw Fit To Spank
  • The Gymnast, with Suzi Martell
  • Hot and Sultry (Strictly English), as Danielle, with Suzi Martell
  • Little Red Apples (Strictly English 1997), as Tiffany Jones, with Barbie Mel
  • Office Discipline, Part 1 (Miss Marchmont 1995), as Ms. Wright, with Lucy Bailey
  • Office Discipline, Part 2: Correcting Ms. Wright (Miss Marchmont 1995), as Ms. Wright
  • Paperback Writer (Strictly English 1997), as Tiffany Jones, with Barbie Mel
  • Pouring on the Pain (Spanking for Pleasure), with Miss Brown
    • US title: Bar Service (Calstar)
  • Property Punishment (Spanking for Pleasure), with Michael Dawes
  • The Punishment Podium (Spanking for Pleasure)
    • US title: Podium Punishment (Calstar)
  • The Riding Lesson (Spanking for Pleasure), as Mrs Jameson
    • US title: Cry Baby’s Caning (Calstar)
  • Sales Figures (Spanking for Pleasure), as Miss Richmond, with Elena & Donna Davenport
    • US title: Caned in New Knickers (Calstar 2000)
  • Strict Guardian (Spanking for Pleasure)
  • Temperature Rising (Strictly English 1996), as Nurse Darling, with Lucy Bailey
  • Temperature Rising Higher (Strictly English 1996), as Nurse Darling, with Lucy Bailey
  • Thorncroft Reformatory (Miss Marchmont), as Rosemary, with Lucy Bailey
    • aka Days Gone By, Part 3
  • Uniform Punishments (Strictly English), as the matron
    • aka Miscreants’ Academy, released as clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 10, 11 & 13
  • Upstairs Downstairs (Calstar 2001), with Chloe Martin & David Charles
  • A Victorian Maid (Spanking for Pleasure), as Mrs Minchin

Film and comic strip originsEdit

Tiffany Jones was originally a cartoon strip by Pat Tourret and Jenny Butterworth. It once appeared in the British newspapers Daily Sketch and Daily Mail.

A comedic sexploitation film, Tiffany Jones (aka Tales of Tiffany Jones), based on the comic strip was released in 1973. Anouska Hempel starred as the titlular Jones, a fashion model who also works as a secret agent.