Tall trestle bench, with a stretcher.

A trestle support is a horizontal piece of wood fitted with legs that serve to form a bench, table, or desk. The legs can be fixed or folding.

When the legs are fixed, they can optionally have a stretcher — a horizontal beam — that connects them, for greater stability.

In spanking furnitureEdit

Trestle supports are found in spanking furniture such as birching horses, caning trestles (in Singapore and Brunei) and various whipping frames used in prison, military and judicial corporal punishment around the world. They are sometimes also found in spanking benches as used in BDSM and spanking fiction.

Trestle supports are also found in normal work and household items such as sawbucks, sawhorses, and trestle benches — which can be used as pervertible spanking furniture.

Trestle benchesEdit

Artwork by Euticus.

A trestle bench is basically the bench variant of a wooden stool. Their legs can be of any simplified form, including that of a sturdy vertical board instead of legs.

Trestle benches usually have no back or arm rests. They are often, almost stereotypically, found in Russian spanking art — such as that of Euticus or Kindinov — with the spankee positioned lying lengthwise face-down on the bench, often tied with straps or rope onto the bench.

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