Under the arm

Sketch by Spankart (2007).

Under the arm is a position to carry a lightweight person such as a toddler or child. Reaching around the child's waist, one can lift him or her in a horizontal position. This way he or she can be carried under one's arm like a rolled-up carpet or a parcel. Depending on how one reaches around the waist, the child can be carried facing the front or the rear.

This position does not work with adults or children who are too heavy, such as teenagers or overweight preteens, as they are too heavy for one arm's strength.

The position is a humiliating pose for the person being carried (since he/she is turned into a passive 'object', and carried in an embarassing pose), and can therefore have humorous or serious connotations, depending on the context.

This method of transportation can be seen in real life, comics and movies, e.g.:

The underarm spanking positionEdit

In drawing, positions can be used that would be difficult in reality.

The position can also be used as a spanking position, see underarm position.


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