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Note: This article is about removal of clothes. For other meanings, see bare.
Vintage photo.
Drawing by Georges Topfer for "Éducation anglaise".
Undressing in erotic anime-style art.

Undressing refers to the action of removing some or all of one's (or another person's) clothing, resulting in partial or complete nudity. A person who is fully or partially undressed is said to be in a state of undress.

Undressing can have many different purposes such as:

Undressing for spankingEdit

In spanking, the spankee's buttocks are often bared for the punishment (see bare bottom and bare bottom spanking). For this purpose, the spankee's clothing is either removed (taken off) or readjusted without taking off (see also pants down, skirt up and rolling up the shirt). This mostly involves the following garments:

Specific variants:

The undressing can either be done by the spankee themself, or by the spanker, or by an assisting person. In consensual adult spanking, especially erotic spanking, the spanker may sometimes also choose full or partial nakedness for themselves, either for the erotic value, or in order to switch the top and bottom roles during the session.

In spanking art, the various modes of (partial) undressing often require the artist to draw pulled-down or crumpled items of clothing.


Erotic black and white photography.
  • to strip
  • to bare
  • to doff
  • to unclothe
  • to disrobe
  • to lower, to raise, to take down, to take up, to take off, to slip off, to remove (e.g. one's pants)
  • denudation
  • disrobement

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