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Roguebfl is short for Rogue the Bronze Fireliard.

I have been an intermittent poster to alt.sex.spanking then latter soc.sexuality.spanking

I'm an age playing switch who's play age is that of an 8yo. I continue live with my brother Lil-Stevie, in a ageplay relationship, even after my Daddy Big Bear's death

Despite being dysgraphic, I contribute to the spanking community with the occasional story, and am envious of those the can create drawings that resembles what they see in their mind. Though as of late I have been doing colorizations of spanking drawings for others. As a 1.82 m; 6.0 ′ tall spankee postions can be limited to maintain an ageplay feel.

Skype: roguebfl (but tell me how you know me)

Usefull linksEdit

  • Wikia Signature Help this page helped me to format old signature so that the (talk) shows ups, and even links to my talk page here irregardless which of the wikia wiki I post too.

Wiki taskEdit

I also maintain BareBot the wiki's bot so let me know if you have ans taskes for it. I also build templates upon request

Dragon Prince referencesEdit

   Rohan felt his throat tighten, his eyes sting. His dragons, more than he had ever seen before in his life, free and proud and alive. His dragons.
   As they flew from the Desert across the Faolain, the chant began again. But it was not his name that rumbled along the riverbank, growing louder, following the dragons over Roelstra's camp as hundreds of wings cast shadows on the violet tents. Someone knowing the old tongue had renamed Rohan, given him the single powerful word that would be his for the rest of his life.
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