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Hello Rude rumps, welcome to the wiki and thanks a lot for sharing your graphic novel Rude Rumps: The Childhood Years! Unfortunately, when you uploaded these images you forgot to select the proper license in the Licensing box. But you did specify the license (CC-BY-SA) in the field "Permission", so it is only a technical problem and not a license problem as such. Your images are not in risk of deletion. You can fix it by copying and pasting the following two lines on the wiki pages of all your images:

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Another thing you could do while you're doing these edits is to change this line, for all images:



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This will put the image in the proper category (see Category:Rude Rumps: The Childhood Years). I did both edits as an example on this image: File:Rude Rumps CHY Page027.jpg. If you have any questions, just ask. --Spankart (talk) 12:51, 11 July 2020 (UTC)

Hi Spankart
Sorry I uploaded my files wrong :( I'm not good with this stuff at all...it took me like 6 months to figure out I could upload anything here at all!! The codes on the pages look like martian to me. I saw the stuff you wanted me to do...but I have no idea how to do it :( Sorry if I caused any trouble.
Hi Rump, it's okay, no problem. For your future uploads, just be aware of the following: on the "Upload file" page, you'll see three boxes: Source file, File description, and Upload options. In the "File description" box, you'll see three things: "Destination filename" (this is where you can change the file name, if desired), "Summary" (this is where you enter various details about the image, Description, Source, Date, Author, Permission, ...), and finally "Licensing", a drop-down-field. You click on this field to open a list of all available licensing options. You must actively select the correct license there. I hope this helps. If it's still unclear, let me know. --Spankart (talk) 12:10, 18 July 2020 (UTC)

Your artworkEdit

Hi Rude. I've just been reading your graphic novel, Childhood Years. Very impressive. The artwork and dialogue are both excellent, and the general narrative is quite compelling in itself. Have you considered publishing your work through Amazon? Spanking fiction is quite common on Kindle, but spanking-themed graphic novels are comparatively rare at this point. Who knows, you might establish a new trend.

I was particularly fascinated by the fantasy elements in the early part of your story - references to imaginary friends such as Flooey the Fairy and The Man With the White Gloves. I suspect it took a lot of courage to share these cherished memories with the online world. Like yourself, my early childhood was populated by invisible beings - though in my case, the fairies were mischievous elves and leprechauns who delighted in causing trouble.

Anyway, I'm hoping to see more of your work soon; as mentioned above, it's a compelling read for anyone sharing our interests - along with anybody else who enjoys a well-crafted story. Best wishes, SimonKirby (talk) 03:51, 8 September 2020 (UTC)

Another reviewEdit

I second all the above. Amazing, meticulously crafted, commercial-grade work that stands up and represents everyone who grew up with the same kink. I'm pleased to live long enough to see this story be told, which also is in part, our story. It has the general impression of truth about it. I believe most of it, not entirely all, for example the part about the sword-spanking following the street-play... but the main elements, they are spot on. --Sett (talk) 15:01, 12 September 2020 (UTC)