Vanessa (actress)

Vanessa spanked by Mike with leather paddle in half-standing position for Bars and Stripes

Vanessa (also known as Vanessa from Sweden, Vanessa Bimbo and Ingrid) is an European spanking actress as well as a bondage and fetish model.

Vanessa started her spanking career in 2014 for, performing in videos as both a spankee and spanker with a wide range of implements (leather paddle, slipper, hairbrush, cane, etc.).

After transformed into Well Smacked Seat, her early films were removed from the site. Some of these titles are still available on her personal webpage (see below).

Between 2014 and 2018 she worked for Real Life Spankings billed as "Vanessa From Sweden" (to separate her from two other Vanessas at the site) and later for Bars and Stripes and Spanked In Uniform as simply "Vanessa".

In addition to performing in videos, Vanessa also conducts private spanking sessions according to

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