A waiter being publicly spanked by a waitress in a crowded restaurant. Artwork by Underling (2010).

A waitress (male: waiter), is a person whose job it is to attend to the clients of a restaurant. Traditionally, this has been a job reserved for women, although in recent times, men (especially in upper-class establishments) have become servers, too.

Waitress uniforms in diners and budget chain restuarants are usually a one-piece or matching two-piece outfit with a name tag. In more upscale restuarants, the uniform most often consists of a black tie, white blouse, black skirt, stockings, black shoes (although rarely high heels).

In recent years, the conservative "political correctness" movement has denounced the word "waitress" as a sexist term (along with stewardess, et al.). As a result, most restuarants now use the unisex term waitperson. The term server and the plural term waiting staff are also gender-neutral.

The erotic sideEdit

In some theme restaurants, most notably in Japan, the waitresses are all dressed like French maids, primarily for the fetish appeal associated with that uniform. Sexy variations of the waitress uniform are also a popular choice for Halloween and costume parties.

Waitress are fairly common in spanking videos as the uniform is often very seductive and innocent appearing. Many spanking scenarios have the waitress perform poorly, and then have her punished by her superior, or even the client.

For example, in the British video Spanker's Paradise I, set in a fetish-oriented hotel, a careless waitress dumps hot tea in the lap of Harrison Marks. She is then whisked away by the manager and given a long and intense punishment session.

The artwork to the right shows a similar scenario with a careless waiter being spanked for spilling wine on an irate female customer (F/M).

The spanking video producer Real Life Spankings, has a Spanked In Uniform division with 18 different series including Mike's 50s Diner, which features the punishment of waitresses dressed in old-fashioned uniforms.

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