When a Child Loves and When She Hates: A Tale of Birch and Bed

Illustration from the German translation of the novel (1921).

When a Child Loves and When She Hates: A Tale of Birch and Bed is a Edwardian spanking novel, first published anonymously in 1907 by Charles Carrington, London, in a private, 200-copy edition "for the author and his friends".


The novel tells the story of Mona Butler, a 14-year-old girl who is seduced by her guardian, Lord D. The same also engages in the whipping of other young girls on whom he commits rape. The novel also contains the seduction of a boy by an older governess.

The original edition featured small drawings by an unnamed illustrator.

Reissues and translationsEdit

The original author was given as "A Gentleman". The novel was reissued under different titles and author's names:

  • Child love, by Lord Hardan; illustrated by Le Ray. Dijon, France, 1935 [New York, Miller Bros.]
  • Mona, a Tale of Birch and Bed by "A Gentleman" (mass market paperback, Grove Press, 1971, # V-1026-Q)


  • Mona Butler. (Wenn ein Kind liebt....) Eine Geschichte von Liebe und Rute. by D. E. Loty (=Julius Eichenberg, German translation privately printed "only for scientific use" in Z├╝rich, 1917, 1921, with five illustrations)
  • Mona Butler by F. Gresley, (Haufmann Berlin, c. 1950, German translation) ISBN B001ANXLSE

The original is available in e-book form at Eros-Thanatos and various other e-book sites.