Wooden spoon

A wooden spoon.
An assortment of wooden spoons.


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F/f artwork by Tua.

A wooden spoon is a spoon made of wood, typically used in cooking.

A wooden spoon is also a classic implement for domestic spanking and for BDSM scenes that have a domestic flavor, especially one set in the kitchen. It serves as a form of light paddle. Note that a wooden spoon can be actually more painful than a other light paddles because the impact is concentrated on a smaller surface.

Normally the spoon is given on the buttocks, but it can also be used on the hands (see striking the hand).

Vařečková challengeEdit

The Vařečková challenge ("wooden spoon challenge") is a spanking challenge popular in the Czech speaking world.

Wooden "spoons" designed for spankingEdit

Main article: ferule

There are also implements designed for spanking in the basic shape of a wooden spoon, which are not intended to be used for cooking. In English, this implement is known as ferule; in Portugese, palmatória.


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