World Corporal Punishment Research

World Corporal Punishment Research, often called corpun for short (from its web address, is a free website containing over 3,200 pages of factual documentation, pictures and resources on real-life formal corporal punishment from around the world. It is expanded and updated at least every two months.

The site, started in 1996, is an independent, non-profit work by C. Farrell, and covers spanking throughout the world from history to the present day. It is probably the most comprehensive resource on this subject today.

It covers:

The website contains about 6,000 media items from the 17th century to the present, such as newspaper articles, radio and television transcripts, and internet sources. There are also pictures, video clips and feature articles. includes a school handbooks section with about 1,000 external links to the online handbooks of present-day schools, mostly in the United States and Singapore, which say they use corporal punishment.

Since most spanking in real life is and has been of males, the site reflects that in its choice of items covered. Nevertheless, female CP is covered wherever it has taken place in reality, and the main such items are listed under "Females" in the "Topics A to Z" section of the site.

The website does not cover spanking fiction or fantasy pictures, only factual reports. However there are several illustrations described as "artist's impressions" where these are reality-based. All significant pictures on the site are listed by type in the Pictures index.

Also included in the site is a collection of CP cartoons from the mainstream press.

There is also now a collection of over 300 video clips. Some of these are news reports which may include things like interviews with paddled or caned students and paddling principals, but others are films of actual real-life punishments taking place, especially where students in various countries have filmed classroom spankings on their mobile telephones. All video clips are listed by type and country at Video clips about corporal punishment.