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Youku is a popular Chinese free video sharing website that lets users upload and view videos. It was launched in 2006 and is the second largest video site in the world, after YouTube. The website is fully in Chinese with no other languages available.


Youku permits the sharing of videos of unlimited length. They submit to Chinese government censorship. Due to the lax situation in China regarding copyright infringement, many movies, TV productions, music videos etc. are available on Youku which are banned or locally blocked on Western video platforms.

Some videos can only be streamed in mainland China for copyright reasons.

Spanking videos on YoukuEdit

Youku has:

These spanking related videos can be found e.g. by running a video search for 打屁股, which means spanking in Chinese. Warning: Some videos on Youku show real spanking of children for punishment. Do not watch if you find that disturbing.

Other video hosting sitesEdit

Other video hosting sites include:

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